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I Vassalletti

We are craftsmen, artists, poets of beauty

We convey, we share feelings and atmospheres, we create works of intense emotional and aesthetic involvement. Fluid, open to contaminations, integrations, fusions, our prestigious creations are matter merging with matter, diversity becoming uniqueness, molecules and fibers radiating beauty, softness and hardness, weight and lightness, what is still becomes movement, what grows becomes horizon. Wood, stone, metal, leather are sisters, brothers, genuine love to dwell with.


Touching and breathing

Matter is contact, it is caressed, felt, occupies a space, has a volume, transmits energy, vibrations. Our choice is always tactile. Matter has a language that is heard, each of its expressions is a language that we need to understand because the work is common. Wood speaks, stone speaks, metal and leather speak; understanding allows one to create, in common accord and perfect harmony. Matter has a scent, the universal smell of life, pure beauty that can be felt with your eyes closed. Knowing it is there is comfort, breathing it is gratification, seeing it remains a detail. Caressing is the beginning and the end of our journey. We create Emotional Art.


Action and value

All our actions have value. Every change we make to matter is reflected in a change made in us. We do something to the object and it does something to us-this is the golden combination that measures the value of our experience. Experience is always change that is charged with meaning and we learn something. Our making is rich in savoir faire, expertise, which work and exchange with matter constantly increases. Cutting-edge technological actions, the waterjet for cutting marble, the laser for that of wood, metal, are added to ancient manual actions for the artisanal execution of processes of assemblage, polishing and decoration. To our giving, matter responds with unparalleled artistic expressions that create emotion and awareness.


Francesco Perini, the art of time and gesture

What can we expect from a noble craftsman son of master hands who has been able to share with the past the fluid dynamics of the present? First, a sense of belonging to his land, Tuscany, and to his guild that of cabinetmakers. Certainly faith, in the poetics of the contamination of materials, in the affirmation of the ethic of the handmade. And then vision, providing space with multiple identities that represent different cosmos, that of the person and that of the home, with unexpected elegance, creative emotion and wonderful creations. There is no sophisticated marquetry or refined marquetterie that does not stem from his admiration of the elements from which everything originates.


Beauty is a number

Imagination is numbers. An idea is always a horizon that suggests measures; realizing it is a path that requires other numbers. Every space has a proportion, a harmony, that makes us feel good. To custom furnish is to respect balance, to give form and design a chance to express themselves freely. Only in this way do floors, tables, cabinets, paneling and bookcases become protagonists in the ‘environment. No matter the style, the numbers are, classic, modern or design, and craftsmen and architects know how to interpret them, they dialogue with the forms, fulfill dreams and aspirations.